Duration: 5 Days and 4 Nights
Price: Php 9,000.00
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Tour Inclusions


We offer non-beach front hotels to stay when in El Nido Palawan, complete with air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms and free breakfast.

Easy Booking

Hassle-free travel package to give you the best experience you deserve, includes a van transfer from Puerto Princesa Airport to El Nido and Vice Versa. also includes a pick-up on the day of the tour from your hotel to El Nido Bay.

Free Swimming Gear

Comes with a free rental of mask and snorkel for all the island hopping!

Grand Experience

 A travel escapade like no other. El Nido will always have its way in making your tropical trip spell extraordinary!

Weather Information & Location Map

The best time to go to Palawan starts in December when the weather is at its best (unless there’s a typhoon, which usually affects the northern part of Palawan). The Philippines’ summer months of March to May serve as peak season.

Prices of accommodation often shoot up during the Christmas and Holy Week season in the Philippines (Easter). If you want to go during this season, be sure to book in advance since some hotels can get booked out months prior.

Your Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival

Upon arriving at Puerto Princesa City Airport, A van will be waiting in the arrival area to transfer you to El Nido. . Once in El Nido, you will be dropped off to your accommodation, After 4-5 hours of your trip, you can make use of your extra time to get acquainted with this beautiful island. You can ramble on the streets of the town and do a quick exploring by yourself or rest after the long ride.  An overnight stay in the place will prep you up for tomorrow’s big day!

Day 2 - Tour A

At 8:30 AM, you will be fetched by one of our staff at your hotel. You will be taken to our office where you will get your free mask and snorkel (good for 1 tour) and pay the Php200 ETDF fee.

After all the other people registered for tour A are gathered in the office, you will be taken to the bay where you will be starting your awe inspiring tour! the places you will be going are:

Secret Lagoon – is located in a small island reminscent of the movie “the Beach” surrounded by limestone karst cliffs. As you enter into a small hole, you will see a massive caldera that was once a cave which collapsed and now is surrounded by karst cliffs. In the middle is a lagoon.

Shimizu Island – is an island with stunning limestone cliffs where swiftlet nest and produce the much sought after bird’s nest soup, believed by asians to have healing powers. Here the guides will prepare for you a sumptuous meal while you snorkel in the nearby coral reef.

Small Lagoon – Located on the cove of Miniloc Island. As you enter a small swim through hole on board a kayak or swimming through, you will see the tranquil turquoise-green waters of Small Lagoon of its orchid-lined limestone walls, a showcase a kaleidoscope of marine life.

Big Lagoon – a visit to Big Lagoon is a running tour on board the outrigger boat, approaching the lagoon in the middle of karst limestone formations you are welcomed by water so clear and full of marine life. Big lagoon is a breeding ground for fishes and crsutaceans.

Seven Commandos Beach – The final destination after a long day on tour. Seven Commandos is named after the 7 remaining japanese commandos who lived in the island as straglers after World War II. The island has a long white sandy beach lined with palms trees.

Day 3 - Tour B

At 8:30 AM, you will be fetched by one of our staff at your hotel. You will be taken to our office where you will get your free mask and snorkel (good for 1 tour)

After all the other people registered for tour B are gathered in the office, you will be taken to the bay where you will be starting your wonderful tour! the places you will be going are:

Pangalusian Island – It has one of the widest stretches of powdery white beaches in El Nido, which is very ideal for sun bathing, sunset viewing, and other beach activities. The waters fronting the beach are clusters of coral reefs that make this area a good snorkeling and diving site.

Pinagbuyutan Island has soft powdery white sand comparable to the world’s best beaches. The water is shallow for about a couple of meters from the shore and then a few meters away you will see a snorkeling area full of fishes. Get captivated by the emerald green color of the water and the phenomenal seascape fronting this island.

Vigan and Snake Island – Located near Pangulasian Island, it is also referred to as, “Snake Island,” because of the fine natural sandspit (s-shaped sandbar) that “snakes” off it shores. The sandspit is clearly visible only when the tide is low. On both sides of the sandspit are shallow swimming areas. Climbing the hill of the nearby island provide a glimpse of an awe inspiring seascape and a bird’s eye view of Bacuit Bay while the boat crew prepare a sumptuous meal.

Cadugnon Point and Cave – It is an important anthropological site, where jewelry and pottery dating back to the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 BC) were yielded. The anthropologists believe that the cave dwellers were from Borneo, and travelled across the ancient land bridge that connected Palawan from Borneo. A small opening hidden among the rocks near the beach reveals a cathedral like cave inhabited by sea sparrows. Inside you’ll see spectacular rock formations and a way to climb a small limestone hill. A truly wonderful experience.

Pinasil Island and Cathedral Cave – The island has a cathedral-like cavern accessible by dinghy and kayak. Its cool interior is lit at certain times of the day by sunlight coming through an opening at its peak. This one of important sites for the busyadors or the birds’ nest gatherers.

Day 4 - Tour D

Cadlao Island
Pasandigan Beach
Nat Nat Beach & Bucal Beach
Paradise Beach

Day 5 - End of Tour

With your El Nido Entrada coming to an end, you can opt to have your flight in either the morning or evening time. If you opt to take your flight in the morning time, you need to depart El Nido in the late afternoon to catch the early morning flight. If you choose to take the late flights, then you’ll have to leave El Nido in the morning hour.

Gentle Reminders

  • Health Information

Please bring the following when going to El Nido. If you also have personal prescription drugs, make sure that you have enough for the whole trip since the drugs available in El Nido are not exhaustive:

Insect repellant – the most important since this can help you avoid dengue and malaria
Seasick tablets – important for island hopping trips in Palawan Fever, cold or cough medicines

  • Amenities & Services

Air-conditioned room
Private bathroom
Free Breakfast

  • Airplane Information

Please include the date/time of your arrival and departure when booking to us.

  • Activities

Explore the magnificent islands in El Nido.
Photograph the wonderful beaches, lagoons and islands.
Snorkel and see the beautiful underwater world.
Fill up with a sumptuous lunch.

  • Our Tarrifs Include

  • Air-Con Van Transfer (Round Trip) Puerto to El Nido to Puerto
  • Licensed English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Motorized Boat Transfer to the islands
  • Life Vest and Water Safety Equipment
  • 2 Nights Accommodation At El-Nido
  • Buffet Lunch and Drinks


  • Our Tarrifs Exclude

One-time and Mandatory payment of Eco-Tourism Development fee (ETDF) of 200 pesos at El Nido is not included in the package.

  • Check In/Check Out
  • Check in of hotel is 12:00 PM and Check out of hotel is 2:00 PM

  • Payment Options

Master Card
We accept 50% downpayment. Please contact us for more info.

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